Colorado Springs Airport Modernization

Colorado Springs, CO

HB&A was under contract with the Colorado Springs Airport for a modernization program two weeks before a fire struck at the main terminal. The fire was controlled within three hours, but the resultant smoke and water damage substantially impacted the terminal and required quick work from the design team. Main goals were to replace ruined materials with new ones that fit within the insurance proceeds and other funds that were earmarked for modernization and to have the bulk of the main level terminal renovated before the heavy travel season started around Thanksgiving. Within a month of the fire, the design team held a two-day charrette session to set the design approach and materials that would be used for the remodel. Two months after the charrette, multiple design packages had been issued and approved by the airport and the building department to start the remodeling.

HB&A continues to provide day-to-day input as the work is under construction. Working closely with Airport staff and the general contractor, the team is helping to resolve issues as quickly as possible. The Airport will continue to work with HB&A’s design team to complete all main restrooms, ticketing, and car rental counters and lower-level modernization in 2019.