fire station Facility Assessments

Aurora, CO

The Aurora Fire Station Assessment project is a follow-on effort for evaluation and assessment of the City of Aurora’s seven existing fire stations against the recently designed prototype, also done by HB&A. The assessment was started by touring the seven stations to determine current conditions. Observation and documentation of conditions, for both physical degradation and design optimization, were noted. Using the color-coded functions seen in the attached images, a comparison and contrast analysis was completed for each station to the ideal prototype.

HB&A then developed a list of individual projects, from minor improvements such as new plumbing fixtures, to major improvements such as additions to apparatus bays and dorm wings. Each of the projects were codified with a number of qualifiers and put into a living spreadsheet that can be organized according to what the City finds most important at any given time. Cost, type of project, and urgency of project were a few qualifiers. Initially, the fire station prototype was developed through numerous design charrettes with firefighters, fire chiefs and city management. The team collaborated with all users and created a single ideal but flexible concept design that suited the department’s needs for future stations.

HB&A has also been awarded the design of three new fire station - Station #15, #16, and #5 - based on the prototype. 

Health & Safety Assessments

As follow-on work to the Facility Assessment, HB&A investigated health and safety improvements for all Aurora Fire Stations. Primary areas of focus were separation of station living areas for contaminants originating within the Apparatus Bays; protected storage of bunker gear; provisions for separating domestic laundry from that exposed to contaminants; and appropriate hardware at critical doorways. We provided construction documents mapping out specific remodel requirements for each fire station.


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