schofield barracks town center
>area development plan

The Schofield Barracks Town Center Area Development Plan intends to centrally locate community activities and entertainment opportunities into the core of the installation.  A walkable campus was created to alleviate the necessity for surface parking and to encourage public gathering places.  The architectural features of all new development intends to preserve the existing historical look and feel of the installation.

Envisioning of these concepts meant creating a central park and surrounding pedestrian zones.  Connections between areas is vital to the successful use of the space in the installation core.  Multi-use pathways are designed to support walking, jogging, and bicycling.  The removal of surface parking and confusing street networks were supplemented by parking structures and a well defined street network.

key project experience:

  • Real Property Master Plan
  • Facility Quantitative and Alternative Requirements Analysis
  • Planning and Design Charrettes
  • Graphic Renderings
  • Utility/Infrastructure Capacity Analysis
  • Sustainability and Energy Studies
  • Project Programming Documents
  • Identifications of Requirements
  • Military Installations
  • Installation Mapping


2012 Outstanding Federal Area Development Plan, Honorable Mention, FPD of APA


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