meadows town center

Castle Rock, CO

Town Centers 1 & 2 were both designed by HB&A for part of a planned development located in Castle Rock Colorado. They will be one of the first commercial facilities in place inside the Meadows Boulevard loop at The Meadows Town Center. Both of the facilities are drawn in Revit and are used in videos to promote marketing for the client. Both buildings have ground floor retail and second level office space as they are in a dense, multi-use zone. TC 1 is approximately 25,000 square feet and TC 2 is about 13,500 square feet, they are located on opposite sides of the same street.

additional projects


fountain utilities customer service renovation | fountain, co

The repurposing and interior design of the St. Joseph’s Bank Building and Church, for the Customer Service Department of the City of Fountain Utilities, focuses on solid design principles and current product engineering to provide an aesthetically pleasing, functional, safe, and easily maintained work environment for long-term use into the future.  This well-designed facility promotes workplace productivity of the end-users, attracts and retains employees, provides guests with a comfortable process, and instills a sense of ownership pride.

The interior design shall balances aspects of the facility’s history with the current day office use for the Utilities.  The unique aspects of the existing conditions that impact the interior design include ceiling heights, dimensions of open available spaces, varied substrate conditions, natural lighting, and accessibility for staff and customers.  

Tracking LEED® Silver