airfield area development plan
   +raf lakenheath, united kingdom


The Area Development Plan (ADP) for the 48th Operations Group (OG) and Maintenance Group (MXG) at RAF Lakenheath, UK, recommends, sites, and justifies the consolidation of maintenance and operations functions for improved efficiency and synergies with an emphasis on capacity planning for future aircraft beddown. Findings in this plan include the construction of a new Squadron Operations facility and three new aircraft hangar facilities; apron and ramp expansions; and a new parallel taxi-way.

The ADP offers a holistic analysis of existing site conditions (including operational  and environmental constraints, infrastructure, facility conditions, and access and circulation) with the strategic application of pragmatic planning principles focusing on the most relevant planning factors found at RAF Lakenheath (such as land use, functional relationships, facility requirements, and future mission capacity planning).

The preferred alternative, organized into five development zones, captures key elements from stakeholder and wing leadership guidance and the results from the existing conditions analyses, and reflects the bases’ ability to accommodate future mission requirements – if heavy aircraft were to locate to RAF Lakenheath, the plan can accommodate those assets. 

I am convinced [the ADP] made the difference and cannot be underestimated in terms of Lakenheath managing to win this bed down... planners commented that in hindsight they wished all the bases had a ADP like Lakenheath’s. Again, another big thanks for you and your team’s efforts in placing Lakenheath in such a good position.
— Ian Taylor, RAF Lakenheath Community Planner