Downtown District area development plan

Fort Carson, CO

Project Overview

In April 2016, HB&A, with prime contractor HDR, completed the Fort Carson Vision Plan and Installation Planning Standards (IPS) – steps one and two, respectively, in a comprehensive and collaborative planning process to create an Installation Development Plan (IDP).  While this entire task order has unfinished and unfunded items, the Vision Plan and Installation Planning Standards line items were completed in 2016. Both products were produced through a collaborative workshop process that included Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis, Visual Preference Surveys, and collaborative goal setting exercises. The Vision Plan established a series of fundamental planning components that guide the IDP processes and products, including a real property vision statement, planning goals and objectives, a framework plan, a district plan, a developable areas map, and key network maps. The IPS developed building, street, and landscape standards for the entire installation. These components were designed to be flexible yet enduring in the face of changing missions, uncertain funding environments, and evolving Army strategies.

The Vision Plan and IPS laid a good foundation for a suite of 5 Area Development Plans currently underway. By discussing the overall vision and principles for future development, installation stakeholders were in a better position to understand how district plans fit into the bigger picture.

*cover photo by Cameron Moxie

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10 Area Development plans | Dover air force base, de 

In 2015, HB&A was engaged under an existing environmental task order to develop the final 10 Area Development Plans (ADPs). Each of the 13 total ADPs was strategically developed as a standalone document to guide the base’s development priorities and phasing actions within each district while also fitting seamlessly into a single comprehensive basewide plan with a 20-year outlook.


Airfield Area Development Plan | Royal Air Force Lakenheath, United Kingdom

The ADP for the 48th Operations Group and Maintenance Group at RAF Lakenheath offers a holistic analysis of existing site conditions (including operational  and environmental constraints, infrastructure, facility conditions, and access and circulation) with the strategic application of pragmatic planning principles focusing on the most relevant planning factors found at RAF Lakenheath (such as land use, functional relationships, facility requirements, and future mission capacity planning).

Outstanding Federal Area Development Plan