AIrfield Area Development Plan

Royal Air Force Lakenheath, United Kingdom

HB&A, together with prime contractor Merrick and Company, conducted an Area Development Plan that was notable for its smart and efficient use and transformation of legacy facilities, a broadly collaborative planning process, and clear communication of the implementation phases. The Merrick/HB&A planning team identified areas of inefficiency with airfield operations early in the planning process, and was able come up with a plan that would help the airfield evolve toward a model of a parallel runway, large consolidated parking aprons, and streamlined access to the infield maintenance area. The ADP area was very large, with more than 75 facilities, and dozens of inter-related user organizations. HB&A set up a very broad, participatory, and multi-stage charrette-based planning process in order to educate decision-makers and understand the various factors at work in the area.

Because of the size of the area, the diverse activities and priorities within it, and the highly technical nature of airfield criteria and mission requirements, it was critical that HB&A produce a plan that was able to distill a complex situation into a clear illustration of the path forward. HB&A made innovative decisions in how the plan was laid out and communicated. First, the ADP is split into three different sub-areas for a more intensive view of the plan. The Helicopter Operations Area, the Infield Maintenance Area, and the Fighter Wing Area all had different requirements and priorities, and by describing them separately in the plan, HB&A was able to customize solutions that fit each user group without losing sight of the overall intention of modernizing the airfield.

This is not a lazy “excellents” across the board because of fear to offend, I really was very impressed with your teams knowledge, diligence and patience in taking the time to understand RAF Lakenheath and develop real, relevant and practical plans and solutions for the installation. My expectations were exceeded in all aspects of effort expended and willingness to not draw the line and expand their efforts as needed to produce a comprehensive solution. The project was highly expansive and required a huge effort for your team to simply collate the information let alone produce an output to the level and quality received. Staff and Command at all levels here have been impressed with HB&A’s product.
— Ian Taylor, Community Planner 48 CES/CENPL
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Outstanding Area Development Plan - Federal Planning Division of APA

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