josephine commons senior housing & duplexes

Lafayette, CO

The primary goals of the development were to create a model community that offers affordable, sustainable housing to seniors and low income families.

The 70-unit apartment building is divided into three wings that are offset from each other to break up the long north and south facades, and joined by glass “knuckles” to allow natural light into the internal corridors. The first floor incorporates several gathering spaces, including a dining area with a small commercial kitchen and a great room to foster community living. On the residential floors above, several meeting rooms and lounge areas are incorporated in the “knuckles” for resident use.

HB&A provided detailed accessibility studies as part of our design of the Josephine Commons Senior building. Our work involved a UFAS accessibility checklist review of 46 pages, ongoing construction review and photos to correct items in process and a detailed response completed after construction noting deficient construction and solutions for correcting.

The foundational project for Josephine Commons as well as Aspinwall Townhomes project was studied and reported on extensively by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the approach and results of which have been documented here.


Affordable Housing Award
Mountain Plains Region NAHRO

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