goodfellow air force base area development plan

Purpose  — WHY?

The Installation Development Plan (IDP) currently being developed will be the overarching guide for future physical development at Goodfellow AFB.  This IDP will be most effective if it is built around a solid vision for the future, and this vision is best generated by the users and leaders at the installation itself.  The Vision Plan Workshop will be the key opportunity for leadership to define what the facilities, mission, and land use patterns at GAFB should look like in the 20 year future timeframe.

Approach — HOW?

The consultant team will facilitate a number of workshop sessions that are aimed at developing a strong vision for the future development.  These sessions will be a hands-on, applied-learning environment, and participants should be ready and willing to pick up pens, offer input, and evaluate others’ input.  The quality of the outputs will depend on the quality and completeness of the inputs.

square footage:???

construction cost: ???

key project experience:

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