AIrfield Area Development Plan & Infrastructure Capacity Analysis

Fort Carson, CO

In March 2011, Army leaders announced the decision to beddown a new Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) at Fort Carson. In order to house this CAB, other Aviation warfighter missions, and end-state Airfield operations, Fort Carson would need to construct and renovate a number of facilities in the vicinity of Butts Army Airfield (BAAF) in an extremely short timeframe. The BAAF Area Development Plan (ADP) and Infrastructure Capacity Analysis (ICA) are targeted at providing the facilities and other improvements necessary to house the CAB. HB&A’s chief role was to manage the ADP process, aiming to identify military construction requirements and programmatic cost estimates for supporting facilities and infrastructure needed to support current airfield operations, a notional Combat Aviation Brigade, other Aviation warfighter missions, and end-state Airfield operations. HB&A supported Mason & Hanger in their preparation of the Infrastructure Capacity Analysis (ICA) by coordinating future infrastructure with the future facilities plan and helping to geo-locate underground features using GPS survey techniques.

The final product was focused on an analysis of the facility requirements for a typical CAB, a detailed analysis of the existing site facilities, features, and constraints, development of a spatial layout of the facilities, and detailed cost estimates and phasing plan for all necessary facilities. The key element of this facility planning effort was the detailed requirements analysis prepared by HB&A. The requirements analysis calculated the facility requirements of all future CAB users, and compared that square footage with the extant facilities at the airfield. Because Fort Carson had previously developed DD Forms 1391 for many of the CAB projects, HB&A provided detailed guidance on proposed DD 1391 revisions that would bring them in line with the plan’s requirements analysis and cost estimates. In addition, Mason & Hanger prepared an ICA that analyzed the existing infrastructure improvements. Ultimately, the document operates as a clearinghouse for information about both the final plan for the CAB as well as the rational thought process that went into the development of the plan.

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