Our suite of services bring
our clients' needs to reality

This is not about us. We want to build and plan FOR YOU and include you throughout the process.



We excel at critically examining the essential mission requirements of our clients, crafting long-range plans that address these needs in site, facility, and life-cycle terms.


Key Projects:

  • Town of Castle Rock Facilities Space Planning Study
  • Silver Key Senior Services Master Planning
  • US Olympic Training Center Housing Feasibility Study
  • Parker Water Master Plan


We design for the long-term ownership & operations of sites and facilities. We strive to build strong professional relationships with the people we are designing for and seek an understanding of how they currently operate, the forces of change that are acting on their organization, and how the future may transform their means of accomplishing their mission.


Key Projects:

  • Colorado Springs Fire Station 1 Renovation
  • Fountain Utilities Customer Service Renovation
  • CyberWorx Collaborative Workspace
  • North Colorado Springs Readiness Center
  • Town of Castle Rock Operations & Maintenance Building
  • Blue Dot Place
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We are deeply committed to encouraging forward-thinking planning and development. We view our role as a facilitator in clearly defining stakeholder needs as we fully define the project; as a creative problem-solver in developing concept designs; and as a strong team leader in finalizing design guidelines.


Key Projects:

  • Downtown Colorado Springs Alleyways
  • US Olympic Training Center Vision and Implementation Plan
  • Pikes Peak Regional Joint Land Use Study


We create plans that cover a broad range of topics that impact growth and development, contain visionary but attainable goals, and result in specific, practical action steps that provide the detail necessary to implement the plan.


Key Projects:

  • Fort Carson Basewide Area Development Plans
  • Air Force Installation Development Plans
  • Dover Air Force Base Basewide Area Development Plans


We use GIS and computer modeling technology to enable us to refine and augment existing maps and graphical information, in order to analyze data and provide solid recommendations.


Key Projects:

  • Air Force Reserve Command LiDAR and E-Mapping Project
  • Airfield Operations Management Systems (AOMS)
  • El Paso County Major Transportation Corridors Plan