aspinwall town homes

Lafayette, CO 

The Aspinwall Community Center is the cornerstone in a new low-income residential development in Lafayette, CO for the Boulder County Housing Authority. The overall development, called Josephine Commons, is located on 14-acres adjacent to a large open space park, providing access to a trail network, dog park, community garden, and other community assets. Consisting of 154 dwelling units in a mix of town homes, duplexes, and a three-story apartment building, the development is centered around a small park with a playground for young children, overlooked by the Community Center.

The Community Center has a large multipurpose room on the main level with an expansive deck overlooking the open space park to the north. Adjacent to the multipurpose room is a kitchen to serve food during events and cooking classes as part of Boulder County's social services programs. Also on the main level is a computer room and office for the site manager. Located on the upper floor are several offices for Family and Social Services and a large classroom that is open for public use. The basement level is used for Boulder County maintenance and storage. The primary functions of the Community Center will be after-school programs for children, public computer use, art and cooking classes, and a meeting place for various community events. The interior is colorful and full of daylight, with large windows to take advantage of great views looking north to the open space and south to the smaller community park. Interior materials were selected for durability to withstand hard use by children.

Green Communities Certified Development

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