Working on Area Development Plans (ADP) with HB&A:

Today’s fiscal climate requires community planners to provide documents that are creative but straightforward, focused on near-term cost savings and execution, but still visionary. A sharply focused, well-executed Area Development Plan is the best tool for:

  • Responding to the local implications of centralized decision-making 
  • Addressing increasing pressure to shrink, consolidate, and reduce footprint without MILCON
  • Building buy-in for planning decisions among installation stakeholders
  • Getting projects started along the planning and programming ramp

The HB&A team is dedicated to producing ADPs that are:

  • Efficient – Affordable enough to justify and quick enough to maintain relevance and momentum. 
  • User-Driven – A deep sense of ownership by the entire installation community.
  • Ideologically Neutral – Our role is to listen to the priorities of installation stakeholders, not to push new fads or ideas on your installation.


HB&A brings a unique, deliberate, thorough, and creative approach to each ADP, centered around an effective and engaging charrette week.

1) Laying the GroundWork

Through our experience, we have found that ADPs require a unique approach.  Our team invests lots of time and resources up front in understanding the installation, the district, the users, and the client’s product expectations. The up-front work that we do builds a strong foundation for the plan and builds credibility with participants.


This up-front work leads to an onsite, multi-day charrette. As the key formative moment for every ADP, the charrette structure will vary for each ADP, but the key elements that distinguish an HB&A charrette include:

  • Planning 101 Overview
  • Project Priorities Exercise
  • Participant Field Study
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
  • Vision Generation Exercises
  • Goals and Objectives Identification
  • Alternatives Development
  • Alternatives Evaluation
  • Preferred Alternative Refinement 
  • Charrette Summary Outbrief

3) Showing Results

Following the development of the key products during the charrette week, HB&A polishes the ADP document, adds explanatory and illustrative graphics, and fully develops the regulating plan, planning standards, and the phasing plan.